Spring Cloud Task App Starters


Spring Cloud Task Application Starters are Spring Boot applications that may be any process including[Spring Batch] jobs that do not run forever, and they end/stop at some point. Spring Cloud Task Applications can be used with Spring Cloud Data Flow to create, deploy, and orchestrate short-lived data microservices.

Spring Cloud Task Application Starters are standalone executable applications that can be used for on-demand use-cases such as database migration, machine learning, and scheduled operations. These applications can run independently on a variety of runtime platforms including Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Docker, or even on your laptop. If you are new to task app starters


  • Run standalone as Spring Boot applications

  • Orchestrate as ephemeral data microservices

  • Consume data microservice applications as maven or docker artifacts

  • Override configuration parameters via command-line, environment variables, or YAML file

  • Provide infrastructure to test the applications in isolation

Available Applications

  • timestamp

  • timestamp-batch

Running a sample Task Launcher

Step 1 - Download the latest timestamp application from here [eg: /2.1.1.RELEASE/timestamp-task-2.1.1.RELEASE.jar]

Step 2 - Run timestamp application

java -jar timestamp-task-***.jar

Step 3 - Verify timestamp logs in the console

Step 4 - Verify timestamp application shuts down

HTTP Repository Location for Apps

Here you will find the direct links to the uber jars for the task apps.

Spring Initializr

Quickstart Your Project

Bootstrap your application with Spring Initializr.


Each Spring project has its own; it explains in great details how you can use project features and what you can achieve with them.
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